Yoon Hong

20160113_165649_162In my head I have a paradise; a location in which I find myself daydreaming about almost constantly. This particular place is not an actual location or environment, but rather a manifestation of warmth, peace, and harmony that I find comfort in. Although this is something very familiar to me, this paradise that resides only within me is not something I can express clearly, and is impossible for me to ever visually represent it in its entirety. However, through photography, I am able to capture snapshots of charming scenery, like a tranquil lake or a twinkling city skyline, that contain small pieces of this manifestation. By collecting these small glimpses, I am able to construct a small aspect of my paradise, and get a step closer towards unveiling its whole.


02D 03D 04D 05DCaptured in the Moment, 2015
Photography Series