Shane Boddington-CV

Shane Boddington (born April 8th, 1986) is a conceptual artist working at the intersection of art and science. He works in a variety of mediums ranging from BioArt to traditional oil painting and prints to sculpture. His work questions what is natural and what is synthetic in social, political and cultural practices and what it is to be human in the post-information age revolution he terms the artificial age.

Selected Exhibitions:

“Dimensionalities” – New Century Artists 2013

“The Story of the Creative” – See.Me 2013

“Science Fest, Guest Artist”- Waco Art & Culture Festival 2014

“Wall Street Analyst” – Scope Miami 2014

“Living Things Are Not Cooperating” – SVA, BioArt Residency 2015

“Where is the Art in BioArt” – SVA, Flatiron Gallery 2015

MIT iGem Gold Winner, Art & Design, 2015

“International Emerging Artists 2016” Olivia Park Gallery 2016