Shane Boddington-Selected Articles

Shane Boddington (born April 8th, 1986) is a conceptual artist working at the intersection of art and science. He works in a variety of mediums ranging from BioArt to traditional oil painting and prints to sculpture. His work questions what is natural and what is synthetic in social, political and cultural practices and what it is to be human in the post-information age revolution he terms the artificial age.


The Line Series is a counter series to the artist’s Mark Paintings series that explores color field action-painting concepts with figurative line imagery overlays. The subject matter is yearning for transcendence and the infinite while dealing with physical constraints and mental disorder. Depression, self discovery, euphoria, philosophy and spiritual awareness are examined, reflecting the inner struggles of the abstracted mind.


Boddington’s style has been greatly influenced by his childhood experience of African Art including Shona Sculptures and Tingatinga paintings. His later education in European and American art coupled with a curiosity of Eastern Ideology is the foundations to which his practice is built upon. This practice continues to collect new cultures and ideas as Boddington furthers his study of the world and it’s peoples, merging styles as the world merges into one people.