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Sun Tei Kim is a painter born in 1976 in South Korea. He holds a BA (2003) and MA (2005) from Hong-Ik University. He received his Doctorate from Tama Art University in 2010.

He moved to Japan in 2005, studied in Japanese art and traditional color ingredients. After the earthquake in Eastern Japan, he returned to Korea full time.

Kim uses various ingredients such as stone powder, gold powder, gold leaf, silver leaf, and many different types of color pigment in his works. The intention of his choice of unique ingredients is to add a modern twist to a traditional art form.

Kim is represented by Olivia Park Gallery in New York and Seoul, South Korea. His works were admitted into the permanent collection at the Korea Museum of Contemporary Art and the Seoul Museum of Contemporary Art. He has had 12 solo exhibitions and 9 group shows in New York, Korea & Japan.



2010 Ph.D, Graduated from Doctoral Degree Course, Graduate School of Tama Art University,


2005 M.F.A, College of Oriental Painting, Hong-Ik University, Korea

2003 B.F.A, College of Oriental Painting, Hong-Ik University, Korea


2016“Kim Sun-Tei Solo Exhibition”Olivia Park Gallery, Seoul,Korea

2016 <The Guardians> “Kim Sun-Tei Solo Exhibition”Olivia Park Gallery, NewYork, U.S.A

2015 <Moribito>“Kim Sun-Tei Solo Exhibition”Gallery kobayashi, Tokyo, Japan

2015 <Unstable Landscape >“Kim Sun-Tei Solo Exhibition”Gallery Grada, Seoul, Korea

2015 <Unstable Landscape> “Kim Sun-Tei Solo Exhibition” art space CONFLICTABLE CUBE,

Ibaragi, Japan

2015 <용비> “Kim Sun-Tei Solo Exhibition”Gallery Gahoedong60, Seoul, Korea

2013 <The Guardians> “Kim Sun-Tei Solo Exhibition”Kumho Museum Of Art, Seoul, Korea

2012 “Kim Sun-Tei Solo Exhibition”art space Green Holiday, Ganghwado, Korea

2011 “Kim Sun-Tei Solo Exhibition”Gallery-Kobayashi, Tokyo, Japan

2011 “Kim Sun-Tei Solo Exhibition”Gallery Topohaus, Seoul, Korea

2010 “Kim Sun-Tei Solo Exhibition”Gallery-Anita, Kanagawa, Japan

2009 “Kim Sun-Tei Solo Exhibition”Gallery-Yamaguchi, Tokyo, Japan


2015 無絃琴 ,Jincheon Bell Museum, Jincheon, Korea

2014 Korea tomorrow2014, DDP, Seoul, Korea

2014 공간을 점령하라 OCCPY JUNGMISO, 2014,Art Space Jungmiso,Seoul, Korea

2012 CAYAF(Contemporary Art & Young Artists Festival)2012, KINTEX, Ilsan, Korea

2012 Nanji Art Show Ⅵ : HERO, Nanji Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2012 Nanji Art Show Ⅲ : HERO, Seoul Anatomy, Nanji Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2012 NAS2012, Gallery NaMu, Seoul, Korea

2010 Young Artist’s New Leap in Gallery Won, Seoul, Korea

2010 “Lee jun mi-Kim sun tei Two-Exhibition”Gallery-Kei, Tokyo, Japan


2012 SeMA Nanji Rensidency